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Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. When people need information, they search in search engines and try to find relevant information.

If a search engine shows information if the website provides structure data. Otherwise, search engines don't provide this information to users.

Benefit of SEO

Required information in one place:

 Everyday creates millions of websites. But the maximum user doesn’t know about their information. In Particular, users try to find required information from one place. If you submit your information with search engine structure, search engines will find this information easily. Then the search engine shows your data to the user.

Data validation:

User trust search engine. They believe that search engines provide actual information. So, if you do SEO, your product or service will boom.

Increasing Sales:

SEO generates organic leads. Lead can convert to sales. SEO will help your information to find a search engine.


Type of SEO

SEO has many types.

1)      On page SEO

2)      Off page SEO

3)      Local SEO

4)      Technical SEO etc.

Process of SEO

Every work has a process. SEO has a process. I am discussing the process of SEO.

  1. Collecting client requirement:

  2. SEO Audit

  3. Keyword Research

  4. Article writing

  5. Article submission

  6. Article distribution

  7. Backlinking

Collecting Client Requirement

SEO is a broad area. Client requirement change time to time or area to area. Some clients need straight traffic from some specific keyword. Some clients need Call to Action from their website.

SEO Audit

After starting SEO, you must need SEO Audit. In this audit process, you will know current SEO condition about your website or web page. You will find your gap and improvement areas.

Example: You start a website. This is just a single page. There is no SEO-based content. So, you need to start whole process from zero.

In second scenario, you have an SEO friendly website. You find some traffic from SEO. In SEO Audit, you will find some improvement area to find more traffic.

Keyword Research

People search Keyword in search engine. So, SEO works based on Keyword. For client success, Keyword selection is most important part of SEO.

Article Writing:

After selecting Keyword, your website needs to publish article based on targeted keyword. This article must be written based on Search Engine Rules.

Article Submission:

If your website is more dynamic on SEO, your article will submit to search engine automatically. Sometime you need to submit your article in search engine automatically.

Article Distribution: 

To find best performance about your article, you need to distribute your article to different channel. Channel choosing is one of the important parts of your SEO. You need to ensure low Spamming Score and High Domain Authority. 


Backlinking is one of the most important parts to rank your article to search engine. Every search engine count traffic to your link from another website. 

SEO Expert 

SEO experts know every step of SEO’s process. S/he can diagnose SEO related problems. S/he expert in Client requirement, SEO Audit, Keyword research and planning, Article writing, submission, article distribution and backlinking

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Nadim Majid is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. He serves as CEO in Bangla Puzzle Limited. He ranks several keywords for Bangla Puzzle Limited in limited time. To know about his skills and expertise, you search in google with ‘Top 10 IT Company in Bangladesh’, ‘Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh’, ‘Best web Developer in Bangladesh’, ‘Best Tailwind Developer’ etc.

Hiring Nadim Majid as your SEO expert

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