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Best Web Developer in Bangladesh

Web Developer is a specialized definition for Software programmer who develops World Wide Web applications (www) using a client–server model. The applications typically use HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the client. A Web Developer uses one or more than one programming language like PHP, ASP.NET (C#), Python, Node.js, Go or Java in the server, and http for communications between client and server. A web developer may specialize in client-side applications (front-end developer), server-side applications (back-end developer), or both (full-stack developer). Sometime Web Developer uses any framework based on their skills and project needs.


 There are no formal educational or license requirements to become a web developer. However, many colleges, trade schools and government training projects offer coursework in web development. Even many online course provider organizations provide quality course based on specific language.

 There are also many tutorials and articles which teach web development, often freely available on the web - for example, on JavaScript.

 Even though there are no formal requirements, web development projects require web developers to have advanced knowledge and skills such as:

 ·         HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

·         Server/client-side architecture like all or some of the above mentioned

·         Programming/coding/scripting in one of the many server-side languages or frameworks (e.g., Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, Java, ASP.NET, Node.js)

·         Ability to utilize a database

·         Creating Single Page Application (SPA) with the use of front-end tools such as Vue, React.js or Angular.

 Web Developer in Bangladesh

 Bangladesh is emerging Tech friendly country where Government, University and Training provider company work to enrich quality web developer. Their developers are brilliant who adopt new language or technology easily.

 Best Web Developer in Bangladesh: Bangla Puzzle Limited

Definitely, Bangla Puzzle Limited is best Web Developer in Bangladesh as a software company. I am explaining their reason:

1.      Quality Resource: Bangla Puzzle Limited has recruited every resource after completing graduation for entry level position. Their recruiting Process has some step. i) CV Screening, ii) Remote Problem Solving without monitoring, iii) Online Problem Solving, iv) IQ testing. If Applicant pass steps, then recruit. After recruiting, this company provide a basic training to share code practice, team work, company culture.

2.       Working environment: Bangla Puzzle Limited’s working environment is amazing. Every resource finds customized PC or Laptop. Food, Snacks and Unlimited coffee has provided by Company.

3.       Project Management: Bangla Puzzle Limited’s ensure quality project by project management. Every project has dedicated project manager, UI/UX Designer, Front end Developer, Backend Developer, Database Administrator and Software Quality Assurance Engineer. So, This Software Company ensures every project quality.

4.       On time Delivery: Bangla Puzzle Limited believe that every work is work. This company ensure on time delivery.

5.       After sales Service: Bangla Puzzle Limited provides after sales service based on client requirements. It can be upload in server or maintain a website or software. 

 How to Connect Bangla Puzzle Limited?

It is very simple. Just Dial +8801880811047 or fill contact form.

You can also connect through Facebook Page or LinkedIn

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