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Best Warehouse Management Software in Bangladesh

What is Warehouse?
What is Warehouse management software?
Feature of Warehouse management software
Benefit of Warehouse Management Software
Software language
Why Bangla Puzzle for Warehouse Management Software


 What is Warehouse?

Warehouse indicates a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored prior to their distribution for sale.


What is Warehouse management software?

Warehouse Management software is software where user can maintain his/her store through software. S/he can find reports online anytime, anywhere.

Feature of Warehouse management software

1. Role-based functions: This software has role-based functions like Super Admin, Officer, and Storekeeper. Role can be added or removed based on organizational activities.

2. Real time database: Warehouse data will be changed based on store activity. Every data is real-time. If any product is added or distributed in store, data will be real-time.

3. Add product to store: User can add their product to store.

4. Provision of requisition: Officer and related resources can give requisition.

5. Procedure for acceptance and cancellation of requisition by the Authority: Authority can accept or cancel any requisition from this software.

6. Product return arrangements: Any resource can return product. Storekeeper can add this product in this system.

7. Data download facility in PDF and Excel: Super Admin and Storekeeper can download their data from this system.

8. Necessary data filtering system: There are filtering options to filter product, time, and other necessary information.

9. Stock reminder: This software can give you a stock reminder. You can decide to add a product based on reminder.

10. List of expired products: Some products have expiration dates. You can see expired products from this software.


Language: We use PHP language to develop this software. This is open source software. We can modify their code without hesitation.


Why Bangla Puzzle Limited for Warehouse Management Software? 

Bangla Puzzle Limited is best Warehouse Management Software provider in Bangladesh. This company has years of experience in developing Store Management Software. Our software is used by many national and international clients.                


Usually, Customized Store Management price depends on the software feature. This price starts from 2,00, 000 BDT or 2,000 USD.



If you want to be interested in purchasing this software or want to see demo, you can contact us.

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +8801880811048 

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